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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Can we make Seattle to be the First "Kinijit" Primary??

Last night, on New Hampshire Primary, here in USA we watched a thriller. Obama was predicted to win in early polls and when the sun sets things start to change and before we go to bed Clinton won in a narrow margin and her supporters were excited, "the come back kid" .

After this excitement this morning I saw an Ad. for the coming meeting in Seattle for "Kinijit" one in Jan. 12 with Ato Debebe and Jan. 13 with Eng. Hailu. The closeness of the day whether it is accidental or by design I do not know.

However, most Ethiopians will go to one of the meetings and few will go to both meetings if the
meeting area is close. It is going to be a show down between these two Kinijit factions, Ato Debebe representing one faction and Eng. Hailu representing his faction.

Seattle could make history by bringing both Hailu and Debebe in one hall like last week in D.C when Seye came to address the divided Ethiopian community.

The three hours meeting in D.C was exemplary. Do we believe Eng. Hailu and Ato Debebe are enemies never to talk to each other? Not at all, they might have differences like Hilary and Obama but the final goal is to give leadership to the Ethiopian peoples struggle.

Ethiopians are following the USA election closely and they will ask all of us one question. Is that true may be Democracy and Election is foreign to Africans and we have to "grow slowly"?

However, this question once and for all was answered on Miazia/May 2005 in Addis Ababa and even foreigners stop lecturing us about "growing slowly".

We have a well disciplined people in Ethiopia waiting for leadership and we have to come to this challenge and let Seattle be its birth place.