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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Ato Seye Abrha deserves to be heard

Tedla Asfaw
The Ato Elias Kifle is suggesting to boycott the meeting of Ato Seye Abraha with the Ethiopian Community next week and this effort similar to the boycott he organized against Engineer Hailu's gathering will fail miserably.
Ato Elias accused Ato Seye Abraha for his role as a senior TPLF fighter before he was purged from TPLF after the military victory he led in the Badme war ten years ago with a trumpeted charge of corruption by Melese Zenawi and  spent six years in jail.
While in jail he  witnessed what his former buddies were doing to Ethiopia and its citizens and told  Ethiopians on VOA and German Amharic Radio the truth after he was released and wanted to serve his people for the remaining of his life.
Here in the Diaspora we did not throw a frenzy celebration for his coming and it is understandable but it is not acceptable to reject him like Ato Elias suggested as enemy of Ethiopia. Seye has a lot to say even if we by now we know his stand on the current stalemate of Ethiopian politics he deserves to be heard.
The Ethiopian people are now at crossroads and we can not put our hope on one party like "Kinijit" which has now four owners and the best way to move is learn form our mistakes and move, heroes and heroin will be born on the way and nobody is born with those qualities.
Seye is a man of experience and will be a mistake if we push him not to serve his country by denying him a platform and encourage him to lead a comfortable life in exile  similar to most of us and becomes irrelevant.
Ato Seye might not be "hero" for Ato Elias Kifle and some, that judgment should be left for each and one of us who are capable to make  as for me even if I did not welcome him on the airport I will be glad to hear and see him man to man.