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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Let the Kinijit's general assemby decide the future!!

Tedla Asfaw
Judge Birtukan Medekssa on her interview with Capital confirmed that after the Kinijit's name has been given to Ayele Chamisso she is looking to find new name for her Kinijit faction to be registered as "legal party" with new name keeping the "Kinijit" spirit alive and continue the struggle.
It is difficult to know the millions', who voted for Kinijit, reaction to such name change or the Chamisso's faction who keep the Kinijit's name by losing the "finger symbol" to the "strong man" Lidetu Ayalew. I also read the ministry of information propaganda on the right and obligations of citizens to participate on the coming local election in the coming spring.
Will the new Birtukan's party I call it here "YeEthiopia Hizeb YeBirtukan party" or "Ethiopian People Orange Party" (EPOP)similar to the Kenyan People Orange Movement will take a joint stand with Ayeles' Kinijit on the coming election or will never see eye to eye .No one knows that and no wonder TPLF/EPRDF is trying to buy votes taking advantage of the confusion it created by denying the right to organize and assemble freely and controlling the media by even jamming VOA and German radios which are heard widely in Ethiopia is lecturing citizens their right and obligations.
Judge Birtukan's frustration is understandable but the action she is taking now is unwise and it might cost her all the loves she got from many Ethiopians. From her "fact finding" mission talking to the Kinijit supporters in the Southern Ethiopia she might have heard first hand information what the people actually wants and I have not heard anyone talking about name changing or to go on dividing Kinijt in two irreconcilable camps.
What is a rush for getting new name? Is it may be to get a seat in the parliament with Lidetu Ayalew and if that is so why not join his party and maybe it is important to ask this question.What is Judge Birtukan Medekssa with new party will do differently than Ato Lidetu has been doing since he joined the parliament ?
We also heard on this interview that Engineer Hailu is going back to Ethiopia next month and why not wait and participate on the general assembly of Kinijit and abide by the decision. If we do otherwise we are going to be another Lidetu Ayalew and Ethiopians have no stomach for those who betray them on their difficult hours.
I do not want to put Judge Birtukan in any category with the known opportunist  like Lidetu Ayalew  after she spent two years in jail separated from her new born daughter and following her North America tour and moving speech she gave in Minneapolis end of last year.
You can do it sister, you have the power to convince the general assembly of Kinijit which way is the right way, yours or Hailu's way and by doing that we will remember you as one of those Ethiopians who put  their country first than their personal egos.