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Monday, 7 January 2008

Jendayi Frazer, a friend of cheaters !!!

Tedla Asfaw
Jendayi Frazer, USA diplomat,  once again stood with the cheaters in Kenya like she did in May 2005 with the Ethiopian regime who stole election by killing protesters in the streets of Addis Ababa who went out for their voices to be heard.
Mr. Raila Odinga the opposition leader called off the planned street protest to pressure the regime to step down and the peoples vote to be respected after he talked to Jendayi Frazer of USA. Similar pressure was exerted by the USA Ambassadors to sabotage Ethiopians right to protest by organizing a meeting with the opposition leaders and we now know that was a big blunder by opposition leaders and they now regret it.
The Kenyan opposition pressured to call off street protest and go to Kibakli's court by Jendayi Frazer is unjust and the millions who voted against Kibaki know that very well and Kenyans opposition are going to repeat what Ethiopians opposition did almost three years ago.
By equating public protest with violence our peoples right to protest is denied and that is good news for African dictators. Denying this right will open a door for armed rebellion and that is why many army officers and young activists are now joining armed resistance in all the corners of Ethiopia.
Jendayi Frazer is also equating the right to raise arms to defend once interest as "terrorism" and I wonder what right she is prescribing for millions whose vote are stolen in Kenya,Ethiopia and somewhere else to do.
Are we going to ask USA to "liberate us" from tyranny? That is not an  option if your country has no natural resources like Iraq and on top of that USA military will be stretched doing all these "liberation" with tax payers money because there is not enough money to liberate all of us.
The shortsighted USA foreign policy in the Horn of Africa by standing with the known killers and human right abusers of the region will only  force our people to fight for freedom. Jendayi Frazer is working for her country's interest and she care less about freedom and what she achieved on her Kenya's visit  is "quite" Kenya to do business for foreigners.
Mwai Kibaki will be in power until he turns eighty years old and the Kenyan people anger that cost 500 people lives will be forgotten soon and tourists will flock to Kenya, that is what Jendayi Frazer will call it freedom and democracy, African style.