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Saturday, 14 June 2008

A call to forge unity

Tedla Asfaw

Dr. Ojulu, an Ethiopian from the Gambella area on Finote Radio short interview (June13) described the areas that are handed to Sudan. He said that  roads are being paved to connect lands Sudan got from Ethiopia with other Sudan villages and to finalize the take over and secure them possibly for a showdown with the resistant movement on the area.

To facilitate the take over, TPLF has promised to electrify these areas for Sudan and increase its barrel of oil receiving bonus from Sudan on top of large sum of money to be deposited on the foreign account of Melese and the other thieves.  Ojulu when asked what the opposition should do his answer was simple and unambiguous, just fight.

Stop accusing Ethiopian opposition as secessionist, I have no doubt in my mind he means OLF and ONLF and forge alliance to challenge TPLF by force of arm and stop the bleeding of Ethiopia.

Ojulu brought the known donkey saying, "Ene Kemotku Serdo Ayebkele" a country which is not led by me/TPLF is condemned and should perish. Ojulu said the current rush to give land to Sudan  shows that TPLF is close to its death and forging alliance today will facilitate their burial ceremony.