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Monday, 30 June 2008

Finote Radio on Ethio-Sudan Border Commitee

Tedla Asfaw

Date: Monday, June 30, 2008, 2:16 PM

On  June 29 Finote Radio reported that the Ethio-Sudan Border Committee in  North America can not help the peasants who are battling the Sudan militias because "it is infiltrated  by TPLF/woyane".

The radio,however, failed to give names of those who are working for TPLF and I personally contacted one of the members of the committee  after I read similar allegation on the Debteraw site and the person totally rejects such accusation.

Currently no one is organizing any support for the displaced Ethiopians from our western front  and the campaign to discredit the Ethio-Sudan Committee without doing their part to support the people diplomatically or otherwise is just to let TPLF and Sudan accelerate their demarcation without any opposition.

If there are bad apples in the committee we have to expose it with facts and if there are other Ethiopians who are organizing and defending our people let us hear from each and one of them too.

Before VOA Amharic reporting last month nobody even discussed about the land transaction and come to defend our people and the rush now to discredit those who are still doing something is unacceptable.

Any opposition party who is not on the for front with the people in this decisive struggle can not call itself as people party by only reporting the story and that job is the job of journalists not political parities.