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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Famine in Ethiopia !!

Tedla Asfaw

You can call it famine, hunger or starvation and it is taking the lives of our children as we speak. We have a plan to take advantage of the large crowd that will be gathering in D.C in USA for soccer at the end of this month and raise money for those organization who have good record of humanitarian service in Ethiopia.

At the same time we will also protest the huge fertile land that is handed to Sudan by secret deal between Melese and Bashir  which has displaced our people from  Metema all way to Gambella as reported on VOA and German Amharic  A country like Ethiopia that lost millions of people in previous famine could not exchange a fertile land for Sudan's oil. Land and  water is our national security and we should give also moral and financial support for those who are currently battling Sudan's and TPLF forces in Gonder area.

Raising money immediately for starving Ethiopians is our responsibility,however, we should not see it in isolation from the current political and economic crisis in Ethiopia. The current regime of TPLF should be exposed for all the lies of economic growth and for not debating this starvation on its own parliament and Melese Zenawi should resign for deliberately misinforming the Ethiopian people a month ago.

We should also ask simple question, how comes a country who can not feed its own people spends money in an illegal war in Somalia and how comes the allies of TPLF especially UK and USA that are bombarding us about Mugabe starving his people failed to see this much bigger hunger in Ethiopia?

A government who can not feed its people whether it is pro or anti-West is not a government and Ethiopians in Diaspora should call for a regime change by mass protest in all corners of Ethiopia.