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Friday, 13 June 2008

Fwd: Remove TPLF by joint force of arm!!

Tedla Asfaw

An  elderly Ethiopian man who participated on the first secret demarcation chaired by Mesfiin Seyume, Addissu Legesse (VOA June 12 Amharic) clip posted on, said  that the secret deal started a year before the 2005 Ethiopian election in Sudan.

However, it was stopped  following the election crisis and now is in full gear to hand over Ethiopian land by displacing more than one hundred thousands of farmers in Gonder area.

The Sudan presidential adviser told us also on VOA Straight Talk Africa last Wednesday  similar taking of what he called , "Historically Ethiopian Administered" lands in Gambela,, that belonged to Sudan.

What is happening in North of Ethiopia is repeated in South Ethiopia while the country's famine is taking the lives of our children and many Ethiopians go to bed without food. USA and UK are encouraging the regime to increase its military budget to fight wars in all fronts while they take care of the food crisis to stop popular uprising which might topple the regime. similar  to that of the  February Ethiopian Revolution in early 70s.

The secret deal of Beshir and Melese is now on implementation level believing Ethiopians and the world community will be destructed by hunger, war in Ogaden and Somalia. Melese and Beshir know very well this window of opportunity should not be missed that is why Seyume Mesfin is shuttling to  Sudan officially and secretly and was also seen in Gambella with South Sudanese officials in the so called "Cooperation with South Sudan".

Currently Sudan is subsidizing Ethiopia's huge  oil demand and this was one of the revealing disclosure of yesterday's VOA interview.

"If Ethiopian elders sign this deal to give Ethiopian lands to Sudan, Ethiopia will get oil from our friendly Sudan" however, these brave men rejected the land for oil deal, Seyume and Addissu have to bring their own people to sign a paper.

This brave man also confirmed to us the armed resistance to eject the Sudan militias is underway in North and I have no doubt down in South on our western front the armed resistance will continue too.

The question now is who is standing for Ethiopia on our Western front? Those who are accusing ONLF as separatist should not expect them to fight on the Western front far from their area of operation. However, OLF should help the people in this war to eject the Sudan militia in south of Ethiopia  and the denouncing of Sudan's invasion by OLF spoke man recently is a good sign and it is time for OLF to join hands with other Ethiopian forces.

The armed resistance in Gonder area whatever name we gave it is  fighting with the people to defend our land from Sudan militias and TPLF forces and this was  revealed also on this interesting interview. Who is who in this struggle is clear here. Simply put it, Ethiopian nationalist forces against Sudan and TPLF..

Ethiopia is squeezed from its western front by Sudan by Melese's secret deal and to reverse this deal armed uprising is a must. On the eastern front and south we should give support for OLF and ONLF on their military operation to liberate Ethiopian land from TPLF killing machine.

It is only when we remove Melese's TPLF we will talk about our problem in Oromia and Ogaden  or Sudan's "land claim".