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Monday, 9 June 2008

Ethiopian Diaspora for Truth.

Tedla Asfaw

I followed Ato Mekonnen Kassa's interview with Teffera Gedamu of Ethiopian TV and was angered for Mekonnen using " few extremists" in Diaspora many times in this short interview to condemn persons like me and others who are trying our best to expose the crime committed by TPLF by organizing a rally, speak on medias and work on internet to spread the truth.

TPLF has many outlets in diaspora to tell its own lie and blaming EPRDF for not doing enough PR by Ato Mekonnen is inaccurate. While our people are starving and pictures of children are seen on TV screen world wide after we were told by Melese Zenawi in his own parliament only few city dwellers are suffering because of sky rocketing food prices just few weeks ago that  reality will not change even if you spend millions of dollars on PR as suggested by Ato Mekonnen.

Ato Mekonnen Kassa, a member of EPRDF which I call  it recently "Ethiopian People Re Demarcation Front" has not said a word on this interview to his birth place Gonder's land given to Sudan under secret deal between his party and Sudan, his exile home for four years. Let the Gonder people tell us from what back ground Ato Mekonnen has come from. I hope not from those who were collaborators of fascist Italy, "bandas" during our people liberation struggle seventy years ago. The interview unfortunately started from "red terror"  Derg's time when Mekonnen  claims he was nineteen and we would have known  much better about him if he had told us his family history and the way he was raised up.

At the present time, the land of Tewodros and Yohanese is given on silver plate to Sudan, millions of our people are starving  thanks to Ato Mekonene's party and the time to mobilize our people  and remove TPLF should go on and no PR or one thousand supporters organized under Ato Mekonen Kassa with  plenty alleged Phd's  will stop we the "extremists"  in the Diaspora from standing with millions of our people for justice and truth..