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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sudan's Badme??

Tedla Asfaw

On " Ethiopia Zare" Ato Seye Abraha one of the founders of  TPLF who is now an independent man who is well known for  leading the war for  evicting Isaias' soldiers from Badme ten years ago wrote a thirteen pages account accusing the current regime of Ethiopia of hiding even from its own parliament the secret deal which was going on for seven years  fearing that the public might rise up to defend its sovereignty similar to the Badme war that surely will end the rule of TPLF/EPRDF.

As a member of a transition government/TPLF  early in the 1990s Ato Seye said  that he and Tamrat layene currently in jail went to Sudan for visit and they were greeted by well organized effort which includes maps and literature some  surely include the PHD thesis many Sudanese worked that was reported on professor Mesfin's interview with VOA while ago.

Sudan was ready for pay back time for their many years of destabilizing Ethiopia and did not waste time. They demanded from the visiting Ethiopians to sign a boarder agreement and according to Ato Seye they turned down the request because that was beyond their capacity and went on to discuss other matters. 

Ato Seye also confirmed this part of Ethiopia has been abandoned by Derg/Ethiopian defense forces for many years and many farm lands were also uncultivated  and taking advantage of the regime change in Ethiopia, Sudan sent its soldiers to kill and destroy our farmers properties who have been farming after TPLF took power.

The effort to start dialogue early on by sending representatives escorted by armed officers to Sudan ended up in death. Continuing on their part to cleanse the area, our "kind brotherly" Sudan that  Melese Zenawi defended few weeks ago on his own parliament are killing, burning properties and taking many hostages in Sudan at this time.

The 1995/1996 action by TPLF forces finally secured this part of Ethiopia according to Melese a Sudanese land which is currently under Sudan militias thanks to his secret deal with Beshir. Thanks to VOA and German Amharic Ethiopians know what is going on and our people resistance and opposition is gaining momentum and surely a fight for liberation of Ethiopian land is a prime concern for all the Ethiopian movement.

The recent twenty eight Ethiopian political,civic and religious organization letter to Sudan's Beshir demands polite response before a vicious war opens on the Western part of Ethiopia. Sudan believed that this time will never come again. The current regime is fighting wars in all fronts including Somalia and another famine is in making in Ethiopia and Sudan thinks Ethiopia is weak.

Sure Ethiopians are poor and weak in the eyes of Sudan that is now profiting from its oil revenue but has its own war. Darfur and the current clash between North and South will not make Sudan strong either and history also favors Ethiopia. Ethiopians have not submitted for any force be it white or Black/Arabs led invasion and that however is not true for Sudan.

Mistake that was made by Isaias of Eritrea ten years ago is now being made by Beshir of Sudan believing that Ethiopians are weak and divided and  as Seye said on his piece in Amharic which I recommend for all to read,, when it comes to our sovereignty nothing will stop us. I might add that TPLF can not stop  Ethiopians to defend their land and if the TPLF soldiers wish to join the Sudanese army we have no choice but to fight both of them.