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Monday, 2 March 2009

Worldwide Protest for freedom of political prisoners and democracy

VOA Amharic covers today's worldwide protest, March 2, in Switzerland, Rome,Stockholm, London coinciding with Obama's Visit to London, Munich, Frankfurt. The protest rally was held in front of USA embassies in Europe and here in USA it was conducted in front of the State Department below freezing temperature calling for release of Judge Birtukan, Teddy Afro and all political prisoners, demanding unequivocally for Obama to stop "stimulating dictatorship". Let tyranny goes to its grave and the people charter their own future freely. Damp TPLF not stimulate it Obama !!!!

The Obama administration is surely put on spot. What is to follow in the next "four" years for his administration will show us if he is a man who stand for what is right or as we all know USA's own national interest at the expense of poor countries like Ethiopia.

The crowd of hundreds coming below freezing temperature in front of the States Department in a big plus to send a strong message for Obama administration. All who participated should be commended and such protest should go on because we are the voice of the voiceless.

Bravo to all who worked together to make March 2 a big success.

Happy Adwa Victory Day !!!!
Tedla Asfaw