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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Ande Belu Sewe Atemenu

Tedla Asfaw
Ato Solomon Tekalegn declared himself a patriot when he arrived in Addis this week and was heard saying that the whole Addis is shaking on his victorious

On the thirty minutes video interview he gave on the EriTV, on his fact finding mission, re posted on ER, I realized a troubling body language.

I wish experts watch it again and educate us about changing personalities and if this is a disease what can we do about it ?

From Addis yesterday to his supporters in the Diaspora he was heard saying that many in the Diaspora are condemning him about going to Ethiopia and he was challenging us if not to Addis then to Mars ? and the paltalk host was laughing unstoppable.

I will not be surprised if this guy showed up in the Kaliti prison to visit the people leaders he called them in his previous songs as another round of fact finding mission and what he will not do is to sing in a public because people will disappoint him by singing his " Ande Belu Sewe Atemenu " songs.

His trip to abandon the struggle and join the regime is financial according to the interview he gave here in USA and he is worried also being overshadowed by young Ethiopian singers.

Ato Solomon you know from your heart you are not a patriot and you are " Beand Eras Hulet Melase " and many will remember you for your previous famous songs which you are now running away from.

I wish if I had known such financial hardshsip will send someone to negate his own recent past I will be the first one to contribute a penny.