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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

HaimanotYegil New Hager Yegara Newe

Tedla Asfaw

The above slogan has been a corner stone of our country's past and survived the challenge for many centuries and that is why you see ordinary Ethiopians in cities and rural areas different religions and their followers live side by side without major incidents.

In all past battles for national sovereignty all Ethiopians, Christians as well as Muslims , fought
invaders and never realigned with their religious affiliation and sacrificed their common country

It is indeed true Haimanote Yegil Newe Hager Yegara Newe is a tasted slogan which is also tasted in our own time by the current regime of Ethiopia who failed miserably in dividing our people in language and religion.

The ordinary Ethiopians did not fall on to this trap and the May 2005 verdict they gave is a rejection of this racist policy of the regime.

The regime never learned from this evil enterprise of seeding discourse between different religions and also dividing the same religious groups by recruiting leaders who are known for their political activism than teaching their religious doctrines.

The regime's project which failed in Ethiopia is now given another chance in the Diaspora where we have many churches and producing new ones every other month by further dividing and struggling to pay their rent and some built new establishment some are following the church in Ethiopia and some do not and are now declaring war on each other using the media in
Washington D.C and on Internet.

Ato Abebe Belew the host of Addis Dimts gave the past week program for the current crisis in Mariam church and I heard some call on his radio and insulted him and Ato Negusse of Hagerfiker Radio is vilifying him also on his radio.

If it were not for Ato Abebe Belew's Radio I might not even here this discord because for me this is not the major crisis our country is facing and Addis Dimte should have used its airtime for more pressing national problems.

The church radio can deal with this problem and a radio like Addis Dimts will be a force for a change in Ethiopia if it focused on matters which is concern for all Ethiopians.