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Friday, 25 May 2007

Endowment Fund For Rehabiltiation of Tigray (EFFORT) ?

Tedla Asfaw

I followed Ato Gebremedhin Araya's interview on Tensae
Radio (May 24) based on Abaye Tsehai's recent
interview with Dimtsi Woyane.

The claim by Abaye Tsehai that TPLF has been a
fighting and business force that profited from
business deal early in the struggle was exposed by Ato
Gebremedhin Araya from his own account serving in the
finance department of TPLF.

The drought of the time and the international aids and
money was a God given fortune from heaven used by the
leaders of the movement to collect and amass fortunes
in the name of Tigray.

Gebremedhin confirmed to us that talk of business in
Sudan before this drought was lie and TPLF top leaders
used it to camouflage the properties they confiscated
after they controlled power in Ethiopia.

EFFORT he said is a conglomerate of 80 companies under
the control of the top TPLF leaders that is
monopolizing the country's business and it is
Ethiopian people wealth.

Neither the Tigray people nor ordinary member of TPLF
are the owners of the EFFORT and Sibhat Nega told his
host that Tigrayans and others should use the
opportunity EFFORT give them to develop(Lematechen)
and do business in their regions.

Ethiopia is now run by individuals who robbed foreign
food aids and converted into 100 million dollars
according to Gebremedhin's account and building a
company in the name of Tigray and enriching themselves
and Gebremedhin also said these few millionaires also
have accounts and investments in foreign banks under
various names.

Has the World Bank demanded the book of EFFORT to be
audited and tell poor Ethiopians who the share holders
of this giant companies are or is this a question out
of reach not to embarrass themselves?

Gebremedin confirmed that many African corrupt leaders
amassed fortunes by stealing from their own people and
from his first hand information none other than Sibhat
Nega and his buddies EFFORT top the list.

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