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Monday, 14 May 2007

Meles Zenawi's Iraq

Tedla Asfaw
I read an article on Washington Post's website last Saturday and I sent to the writer what I believe should have been covered on the legitimate title of "Ethiopia's Iraq ".

The Iraq war started four years ago by the USA and UK to remove Saddam Hussein and establish a friendly regime there and however the last Christmas war in Somalia is a contracted war to promote the USA interest waged by unelected regime of Ethiopia.

After four years of war in Iraq we have not seen anything achieved there and the American public are now against this war and in the case of Ethiopia the war from beginning have no popular support and in fact the regime used it to destroy its armed enemies of the
Ogaden National Liberation Movement(ONLF) and Oromo National Liberation Movement (OLF).

The killing of Oromo refugees who have been living in Somalia for many years at the early stages of the invasion in Somalia speaks volumes for what this war is all about.

The recent massacre in the Ethiopian Somali region is partly a reprisal for the Somali invasion and the killing in Ogaden by the regime forces and until now USA and UK have not accused ONLF and OLF as a terrorist organization and these movements have not also attacked Westerners.

The involvement of Eritrea , Arab and Muslim tyrants on the side of the Islamists directly put them in the collision course with the USA and that is why this so called war on terrorism seen as " Christian " Ethiopia invading " Muslim " Somalia and similarly the war in Iraq is portrayed as a sectarian war between Shias and Sunnis in Western media.

Ethiopian Christians and Muslims however denounced this war from the very beginning and demanded all foreigners to get out of Somalia and accept Somalis right to live in whatever form of government they choose including without government.

Ethiopians have to remove the Melese dictatorship by mass mobilization and expose the USA policy makers empty rhetoric of freedom and democracy and on this second anniversary we have to show our solidarity with our elected jailed leaders who were sacrificed for the contracting job of Melese Zenawi by the Bush administration.

The time of hiding behind terrorism curtain is now over for George Bush and also costing Tony Blair his job and Melese Zenawi's dictatorial and contracting days are also numbered and Ethiopians will not allow USA and other foreign powers to use them as proxies when they establish a democratic government accountable to them.