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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

The West and Ogaden Liberation

Do you know that USA and UK keep the Ogaden card alive and used it whenever they wanted to promote their own interest like they did in Barre's aggression of Ethiopia in the 1970 by siding with invading army of Somalia?

Do you know the reason behind not recognizing the Somaliland as an independent nation since it is against the Greater Somalia dream that is still alive and promoted by the West.

Is it Somaliland or Ogaden which has historical evidence as a former British colony or an Ogaden which had been wrestled away from Ethiopia and was under British protection for few years that deserve independence?

Are you surprised that the British and USA administration did not denounce the massacre last week by ONLF in the Somali region of Ethiopia while oppositions in the Diaspora were asked to do so by pro-Melese websites?

Ogaden is a game Westerners will play to deny Ethiopia not to become a formidable power in the Horn and on this mission the Arab tyrants and Muslim fanatics are in the same page with the West.

When Melese is out of power obviously by popular uprising(YE GODANA NEWTE) the West will play their Ogaden card like they did in the 1970 and will drum support for the independence of Ogaden they denied Somaliland now and send their rigs to dig oil and gas.

The only viable option for the oppositions which wanted to keep our united Ethiopia is to be in the game rather than to be a spectator and engaging the ONLF, OLF and other nationalist movements in AFD or other mechanism with no foreign involvements, and the path of condemning them as secessionists and stop engagement is a failure and sooner or later we will
talk or fight.


Tedla Asfaw