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Thursday, 10 May 2007

Tony Blair Vs Ethiopians

Tedla Asfaw
Tony Blair was on the side of the Ethiopian tyrant, Melese Zenawi, and our appeal to him in London in front of his office did not bear any fruit and if Tony Blair thinks Africa's problems would be solved by African Commission led by tyrants like Melese Zenawi he was naive.
Tony Blair is not a friend of ordinary Ethiopians andwe are glad to see him go and the bad seed he planted in Ethiopia soon will be thrown out by popular uprising.

I had a chance to call on the special program on BBC (May 10), world have your say , and told the world audience what most Ethiopians felt about Tony Blair's resignation.

We should come together on June 27 on the day he will step down to send a message to the coming prime minister, Mr. Brown , to reverse the disastrous policy of Tony Blair towards Ethiopia.