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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

My Memory on What Happened Thirty Years Ago in Addis Dark Streets

I was a teenager and remember what happened that night in my neighborhood. That night we were asked to join friends for the demonstration against fascist Derg and our protest shortly turned into gun fight and mayhem.

I was in a neighborhood about one mile away from my home and kids of my age were chanting death to Mengistu and down with fascist Derg and EPRP is our party and all of a sudden shots rang around us and we jumped in to the house close by.

We broke out light fuses and streets were dark and hard to tell what is going on and we hide until all is quite and went back home scared to death.

I was told that my home had sheltered many kids and our parents were relieved to see me and my brothers back safely and their wish had been confirmed to be real in the morning after.

In the morning we witnessed bodies on the streets and neighborhoods in cry and parents were looking for children who did not come home that terrible night.

Looking back I see many who protested that night were idealists who wanted change for our people and care less for what it costs and those who were leading the struggle believed that such protest might lead to the downfall ot the regime.

Derg used its cadres and militia to crack down on the protesters and on this anniversary it is important to recognize those martyrs and learn from their sacrifices.

Thirty years after this massacre we are back to square one and our new rulers some of them who were protesters then are now ordering children to be shot at and banned all civil disobedience and put our people in one big prison.

The May 2005 election and its aftermath once again proved that tyrants will not go peacefully and the mass mobilization of our people is a must.

The Ethiopian youth love of their country were not squashed by Mengistu and the current rulers who think that they can rule us by gun surely were trembling when people came out on streets two years ago and fought street battles with the regime secutiy agents.

Melese Zenawi can not stop this coming surge of humanity for freedom and equality and we know that there will be sacrifice and be ready to pay for it.