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Monday, 3 September 2007

Delay or Denial of USA Visa for Engineer Hailu Shawel

Tedla Asfaw                                                                                                                                                September 3, 2007
Engineer Hailu Shawel's short interview I heard posted (Sept. 3) on says a lot about USA Administration and as Engineer Hailu put it you can not force any country to give you an entry visa for foreign nationals.
We should not also use this visa issue as Ato Mirchaw of Ethiopiawinet on his short interview tried as some Kinijit delegates got it while Engineer Hailu Shawel visa is delayed or denied.
This in fact was intended to make such division among Kinijit delegates by foreigners but it will back fire and galvanize all Ethiopian Nationals to stand by our leaders whether they are in USA or Europe.
The delegates planned trip to North America can not make or brake Kinijt and we all know that the struggle is back home and Engineer Hailu told us Kinijit is still not registered legally and can not call any public gatherings and hundreds maybe thousands of its young supporters are still in jail and a lot of hard and frustrating work remains behind.
It seems now that most of the Kinijit delegates without their chairman will be in USA this month as Dr. Befikaddu Degeffe the financial chief of Kinijit said recently in his interview they need money.
We can raise money to the Kinijit struggle back home and that will be possible while the leadership is with us in the Diaspora and that is a positive thing that will come out of their tour in North America.
As far as the struggle it should focus on more mass mobilization back home and  less politics in the Diaspora  and more fund raising for our peoples fight against foreign sponsored tyranny.
                                                                                                                                Melkame Esra Meete for all Ethiopian Nationals