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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Washera of Paltalk on Ethiopiafirst

Tedla Asfaw
I followed Ben's conversation on  with  Washera on September 21 and the critical conversation focused on Dr. Birhanu's speech given to the Diaspora in D.C. condemning the regime in power and this according to Washera will land back Dr. Birhanu to Kaliti jail. 
It is true the regime in power can throw these leaders back  to jail and to avoid that according to Washera who claim to be a supporter of Kinijit is to go for another election and join the parliament.
Washera failed to articulate the right of our people to assemble and freedom of speech and writing and without that you can not mobilize your constituents like Kinijit did in 2005 and go for another election.
Kinijit can not call public meetings for its supporters because it is illegal and such atmosphere  created by the regime in power fearing the people anger that was shown on last year's athletic event gathering by Kinijit supporters..
Ato Washera's recommendation to join the so called Kinijiti's parliamentarians like of Temesgene and others in parliament to what end I do not understand. What we need is the right of our people to gather freely to be respected and without that no change will be possible in our country.
Let our people support or denounce the Kinijit leaders for what they say and do not say and that is what democracy should be all about. If EPRDF/TPLF follows the route of intimidating leaders for what they say in USA or force them not to communicate with their constituents that will not bring us peace or democracy.
The burning question is the right of our people to free assembly without government intimidationis . Ben as well Washera recognised our people tolerance and politeness by bringing in to the conversation the events followed the fall of the Dergue , the massive protest in Miazia 30 2005 in Addis and the celebration of our "Esra Meete"/our 2000 without incident and this proves for all doubters that we have a mature and polite citizens and we should not abuse our people for the sake of holding power forever.