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Friday, 28 September 2007

Freedom Initiative

Tedla Asfaw
I watched video clip on and obviously pro TPLF site aiga jumped as usual to congratulate his hero  Melese Zenawi seating with his buddy Tony Blair lecturing us about climate change and its impact for the world in New York City on the Clinton Global Initiative gatherings which will end today.
Melese Zenawi was invited but his name was not on the  list of the speakers understandably not to bring us on show down with the organisers. Zenawi's talk about climate change surely not political change is not a concern of millions of Ethiopians who are living hand to mouth under sixteen years of brutal dictatorship.
Ethiopians are worried about today how to live like human beings not about what is happening about global climatic crisis.
Only free society can alleviate their problems with or without international help and global climatic change as a result of emitting polluting gases which is not their making should be replaced by Freedom Initiative for Ethiopians and many others who are living under tyranny.
Tyrants from Burma to Ethiopia are our immediate concerns and seeing Melese Zenawi on stage lecturing in New York City on the same week the Iranian president was denounced for speaking at Columbia University says about double standard a lot and many Ethiopians like me are angered by the Clinton global initiative for hiding the name of  Melese Zenawi on the speakers list and sabotage our right to denounce him for who he is.
By associatiing with the known tyrant, Clinton global initiative  has lost credibility in the eyes of many Ethiopians.