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Monday, 24 September 2007

Rebirth of Kinijit is Possible

Tedla Asfaw
I was saddened and also encouraged to hear Judge Birtukn Medekesa's  heart felt appeal directly to Engineer Hailu Shawel from Boston September 22, 2007 and I have no doubt the message this time has reached Engineer Hailu Shawel and will get positive reply soon. For all of us who followed this five to ten minutes appeal it shows that Kinijit visiting delegates or the millions in Ethiopia will not benefit from this stupid "Mekorarefe".
The beneficiary is none other than TPLF and those opportunist who are sleeping in the parliament and delver nothing for the millions of our people who are living hand to mouth and are fed false hope on the future  landslide victory by TPLF. They are blowing the current crisis to bury the spirit of Kinijit and for that to stop someone has to pick up the phone.
Judge Birtukan Medekessa sad speech has touched the audience in Boston and all of us who followed it on the and other sites will encourage the Diaspora Kinijit supporters to rally behind her speech  and  for the misunderstanding between Engineer Hailu and the other visiting delegates to be dealt with immediately in the Kinijit spirit of the 2005.
This short appeal clearly underscores that we are not in a celebrating mode rather soul searching stage after two years of separation from our leaders obstacles created by few individuals in the Diaspora tried to drag them too.
I commend Judge Birtukan Medekessa for heart felt appeal to Engineer Hailu Shawel and encourage her to make a personal visit to see him face to face and that is not hard to do and I believe that is going to be a next step.
I do believe Gashe Hailu will not turn down the request and we all are marking our calender starting September 23 to the day we all see Engineer Hailu and other delegates in a big celebration and  the rebirth of Kinijit.
Let the count down begins for the rebirth of Kinijit and we all will see a united Kinijit delegates soon.