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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Ethiopian Review on the coming of Engineer Hailu Shawel

Tedla Asfaw
The late coming of Engineer Hailu Shawel today though unfortunate will not bring only hundreds estimated by Ethiopian Review(ER) and the estimate will anger many and  in fact  Engineer Hailu will be welcomed like his fellow delegates on September 9 and surely Professor  Al Mariam will have another day also to be  remembered.
Ethiopian Review and its followers can stay home however many who know this brave man will jam the Regan International in D.C. to welcome him September 15 today at 4PM.
I salute Engineer Hailu for visiting ordinary people who lost family members and honoring their sacrifices as as a leader of Kinijit.
The campaign to discredit Dr. Birhanu for coming by himself and discredit Engineer Hailu for the so called alleged association with Shaleka Yoseph will be dealt with by the majority of Diaspora Kiniijit supporters who rejected these diversionary plot like they did in September 6 in New York and in Virginia in September 9.
Ethiopian Review can support and endorse whatever personalities it likes but has no right to defame elected leader of the party and pray for the low turn out.
The elected delegates of Kinijit will soon address all these lies which has been going on for the last two years and clean  the mess before they go back home for the unknown future.
We should respect our leaders who went to jail as one and came as one travelling separately to USA is the easiest burden they carried and sadly exploited by the ER as if it is he biggest of all.