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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ethiopians in the Diaspora are Speaking

Tedla Asfaw
I am delighted to see new names coming to and articulate very well the current crisis in the Diaspora after we received the Kinijit delegates on September 9 and September 15 in a large turnout in Virginia and D.C. Bezawit Taye and Eyasu Tiruneh called for the Diaspora power mongers to slow down before their destruction power swept themselves and for the elected delegates gave advice to avoid this hurricane by barricading themselves together as they did in prison for two years.
These known agitiators are known for the last sixteen years jumping from organization to organization and destroying them finally. When they start their mission they swear that there is no one except them to that organization and their hate propaganda soon start and before we know it that organization is divided and we see an insult and defamation on each other on their Internet sites.
The so called KIL and KIC leaders should be sidelined if Kinijit want to get support from ordinary people in the Diaspora and the delegates should not be confused with a thousand if  not exaggerated on the conference hall showing up on September 16 and exercising their American  ovation skill to say the  least embarrassing.
Most of the people that participated on Sundays meeting called by KIL if they were asked what they felt about the meeting without its chairman Engineer Hailu I can tell you that they are not happy at all. On the other side if you ask many like me who followed Ethiopiawinet radio on September 16 while the KIL instigated category 4 hurricane swept our delegates, Engieer Hailu Shawel was also facing another threat from a radio station.
The radio host Ato Mirchaw as Eyasu Tiruneh pointed out start by insulting Judge Birtukan Medeksea mocking her as "Feteneche" and this guy forgot that this is a woman who gave birth to end up in jail and I can guarantee that he has never shown such bravery in his life time. Where are our women like sister/Eteye Luilet Mesfin, Meron Ahadu and women organizations and why did you not  condemn such sexist attack directed to one woman who is beloved by millions home.
It was unfortunate Engineer Hailu Shawel's introduction starts by this attack and we all were hoping Engineer Hailu to distance himself from this attack and however we all realized that  another category 4 hurricane was launched on "ethiopiawinet" studio and it was too late to defend and protect the leader of Kinijit.
The few Diaspora known power mongers succeed for one day and celebrated on their own quarters and however the majority in the Diaspora is saddened and some come and write their opinion and many will follow soon.
This is not the time for our millions of people, 25 million of them who voted on May 15, 2005 to be dictated by few and confused supporters of them say  thousands, many of them foreign nationals born Ethiopians to sabotage the elected leaders internal dialogue by preparing a battle ground for them separately and shame on all of them.