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Monday, 31 December 2007

Where is Senator Obama?

Tedla Asfaw
The violence in Kenya following this week presidential election needs straight answer from the Democratic candidate of USA, Mr. Obama and a test for his foreign relationship credentials.

Moreover he is also respected in Kenya as their own because his father is a Kenyan and it will be
interesting to hear from him here and and in Kenya too.

Senator Obama is quite may be Kenya is not important in the presidential debate but for many people who questioned his international credential it would have been better if he comes out and take stand on what is going on in Kenya following the contested election.

Some of the candidate might only know Kenya as land of Safari and it is not at all important and the USA media have not shown so far any interest.

For those of us from Horn once again like the 2005 election of Ethiopia the region's hope for a model is gone and we are left with no alternative.

If peaceful election does not bring hope to our region we will be left out only with armed struggle and military coups as we have been accustomed for many years.

Victory for our people in 2008!!!

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