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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Arrest the thieves in Sudan and Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

To our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers currently in Washington D.C. celebrating Ethiopia  during the soccer tournament of this week, I want to remind you to join us this coming Thursday, July 3rd in front of TPLF, Anti-Ethiopia Office,to denounce the huge land sale Meles Zenawi approved, about 1,600 km long approximately 50,000sqkm area of fertile land for undisclosed amount of money, to Beshir of Sudan.

The land deal has displaced thousands of our people and our brave people are fighting not to surrender this land and it is time for us to join this struggle. We can contribute money or be part of this holy struggle and sacrifice ourselves like our ancestors did in their heroic history both Beshir and Melese wanted to soil now by their secret deal.

Let us rally and support our people on the fire line from Humera in north to  Gambella in south  and let  each one of us be counted. We are not this generation of Ethiopians who seat idle while two thieves are profiting from land our ancestors kept in their blood. Let our enemies know that they have crossed the green line and they have to face the consequence. We are not hear talking about  stolen election  we  are here in hot pursuit of  two thieves, Meles and Beshir to be captured and face justice.

Here is a telephone number to call . It is 240-472-4439 and register any lead to apprehend these two  criminals. We can not rest until these thieves caught and face justice. The Ethiopian Diaspora has shown its resiliency in exposing  thieves who stole the 2005 election even if the criminals are still in their hiding palace in Addis Ababa and I am sure we can succeed this time.

Let Sudan and Meles know whatever deal they make is null and void and we are declaring war on them. We are also calling all oppositions to do their share to join the struggle and talk in language both Meles and Beshir know, armed rebellion.

Beshir the butcher of Darfur is now opening  another Darfur in Ethiopia's western front with collaboration of Meles, the butcher of Somalia and we want to remind them Ethiopians never submitted for Dervish in the past nor  will they accept Janjawid's occupation of our land in our time.

Our rally in D.C is going to send shiver in the thieves' camp and our people will be emboldened to continue their struggle to reclaim their land and let us make July 3, 2008 a day to be remembered in our struggle for bringing all Ethiopians and different political groups for a noble cause of reclaiming their land that was sold under the table for big money.