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Monday, 21 July 2008

Olympics 2008 without Teddy Afro celebration songs

Tedla Asfaw

The fake justice of TPLF is dragging our people on empty belly for this rainy season and this staged court drama as we know looks more like the TPLF's court drama staged on the late professor Asrat more than fourteen years ago. As we know professor Asrat was falsely accused on organizing armed resistance against TPLF and with the collaboration of  bribed witnesses he was sent for long term jail and  was released only after his health deteriorates  and to get the Diaspora Ethiopians support for the Ethio-Eritrea war of the 1998-2000.

Today Teddy Afro is ordered by Cadre Judge Liul of TPLF to "defend" or play the drama on October 4 in the name of justice for poor Degu who lost his live two years ago by car accident. Similar like Asrat  Teddy will  be found guilty by false and bribed witnesses and will go to jail and this son of Ethiopia will spend his young and productive live in TPLF's jail.

Wait a minute I forget the "Shimageles" from our recent experience of the jailed oppositions who "signed" a paper to come out from jail after they "apologized" for the loss of innocent lives following the election protest in 2005.

Here is a problem. Teddy will not come here and  admit  killing  Degu by car to engage the  "Shimageles" as suggested by  many TPLF supporters. We know this is  the only statement that will satisfy the vindictive court of TPLF that serve Meles Zenawi who has a grudge against this patriotic singer for his famous UNITY songs. TPLF did not mind singers like Solomon Tekalegne who was known for his anti-TPLF  songs to apologize for his songs and went back to Ethiopia last year in the name of reconciliation to serve the regime.

TPLF is now in collision course with Ethiopians and the time of reconciliation with TPLF is gone for good and we all should support Teddy and pray for him to get strength each day while he is in prison. I also call fellow Ethiopians back home in the  coming Olympics 2008 celebration to call for the immediate release of Teddy Afro who has produced patriotic songs for our Athletes in Atlanta and Australia Olympics. Who will forget "Haile Haile, Keneneisa Ambessa"?

It is sad Teddy will not be on 2008 Olympics  celebration with the millions of Ethiopians and I hope our Athletes will do their best to encourage Teddy to write victory songs for our  Olympics heroes in China to be sang by millions of Ethiopians. Can we call it the song from jail like the famous "Kaliti" letter of Judge Birtukan?