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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Kinijit's virus cought OLF

Tedla Asfaw

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) on the letter posted on its website today July 31 has removed four of its leaders from their position and accused them for not abiding by the organization rules and forming new structure in the name of OLF. Ato Hassan Hussen OLF spokes person, Lencho Baatii, Kamal Galchu, a general who defected from Melese Zenawi   the top commander of OLF and Abba Nagga Jaarraa are the names listed.

The OLF we have known is now gone and the division is similar like the one we witnessed within Kinijit, EPRP and other armed groups in Ethiopia. Each faction is accusing the other one as braking the law and consider itself as legitimate.

We can also be sure outside influence here, we can bring the Isaias factor. Recently there was a news accusing Lencho Batti in Asmara of harassing woman and this now looks suspicious and who knows there might be legal action against Ato Lencho Baati in Asmara to deny him any political future.

General Kamal Galchu  has wide followers in the TPLF Ethiopia. We all remember his interview he made with Eritrean TV after he defected from Ethiopia following the stolen election of May 2005. Kamal Galchu, a respected general, has assured Ethiopians that without armed rebellion the current regime will never give peacefully power and promised to do his part by joining OLF.

Kamal Galchu  sincerely believes that the Oromo self determination can only be accomplished by joining hands with other Ethiopian forces and the current crisis in OLF surely can be seen by those who would like to join hands with other Ethiopian forces and others who wanted to do it alone by fighting both TPLF and other opposition forces.

The question now here is where to go from here ? We do not know if the expelled four members will form their own OLF immediately or rally many OLF members to their cause and take the upper hand in this struggle and force others to leave the organization.

For exiled movement like OLF such split is bad as was the case recently with Kinjit Diaspora supporters and surely will take the struggle backward. However, it is better to split rather than be nonfunctional due to internal fighting.