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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Darfur in our backyard !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Dr.Paulose Milkiase on VOA Amharic (July 15) argued that there is an inconsistency on  international justice for those who committed crime against humanity.  He said persons who committed red terror under the Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Hailemariam were not charged for the crime in International Court. Regarding the charging of  Beshir of Sudan for genocide against the Darfur population by International Criminal Court (ICC) yesterday he said such indictment will deter others from committing such crime with impunity in future.

Dr. Paulose Milkiase is right to bring the red terror during Mengistu Hailemariam, however, he should not forget the current human right violations and killing  committed by Melese Zenawi's  security forces  in Ogaden among many regions in Ethiopia for some there are well documented evidences to charge Melese Zenawi and his collaborators in international criminal court.

Moreover, many reporters have reported the crime committed in Ogaden and recently some humanitarian organizations are forced to leave the region for lack of security. In fact many characterize the crime in Ogaden as another "Darfur" and I wonder why Dr. Paulose Milkiase overlook this crime while he brings our attention to the crime  committed by former dictator Mengistu Halilemariam's killing machine.

I hope Dr. Paulose Milkiase will speak on behalf of our Ogaden Somalis like he clearly articulated the case  of  the Darfur women and children who were murdered by the order of Beshir and his indictment is surely one step forward to bring justice to Darfur. We should also hold Melese Zenawi who is ordering the killing and rape of Ogaden Somalis to the same standard Dr. Paulose argued in his short interview on VOA today.