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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Generations of partying !!

Tedla Asfaw

I read an Amharic piece in Amharic , "Hiliname Ende Kwase Siteleze" by Ato Tekalegne Nigusse posted on and I would like to highlight a factual error on page three paragraph three line 6 and seven unintentionally the writer is promoting the billionaire Sheik Alamoudi.

I will not be surprised if this piece is posted on TPLF's  sites to demoralize the Diaspora Ethiopians by painting all of us as generations of partying. The young Ethiopians interest in partying and avoiding civic and political gatherings in D.C might be due to  TPLF's dollar mixed up with some who think of themselves as the "chosen" to lead and categorize many opponents of TPLF as enemies to be rejected at any cost if they do not accept their leadership.

The writer's  account of the number of people who attended various meetings in D.C that ended on first week of July  will surely make TPLF supporters jump up and down and the majority of anti-TPLF Ethiopians to be disappointed.

The writer should be commended for going to all the meetings and give us his perspective even if it is demoralizing for the struggle to liberate our country from TPLF and in fact millions of  Ethiopians who tuned to VOA and German radios every day has high expectations of their children far from them. Unfortunately what they heard on the VOA Amharic on the soccer week is not much different than this writer.