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Friday, 4 July 2008

TPLF's forged document !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Today Friday July 4,  Teddy Afro was dragged to the TPLF made court drama in the name of justice for the innocent man who lost his life by car accident more than two years ago.

The prosecutor provided a forged document and blamed the Doctors who did the autopsy on the dead man by putting wrong date on the certificate of death and Teddy's defense called for dismissal of the case, however, the judge set another date  to continue the drama.

Who knows they will call those doctors to correct "their mistakes" and correct the  death certificate to match the day Teddy was alleged seen drive and then killed the man.

This is justice in Ethiopia. You create a crime or organized a crime, recruit witnesses and drag those who are not kissing Meles' shoes to their court. The judge will act on stage and call for different court/drama dates for further advice from Meles' inner circles and let Ethiopians think about the coming court drama  with empty stomach.

Do not worry Meles promised to flood Ethiopia with Birr 350/ 100kg of  wheat in few weeks time and not worried about anything else and we might also see a letter of apology to be signed by Teddy Afro to face save Meles' Theater Company from embarrassment in front of his bank-rollers.