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Friday, 11 July 2008

Teddy Afro abandoned by Ethiopians!!

Tedla Asfaw

"I did not kill any one and I have been  jailed in lice infested jail  for the last three months" , that was Teddy Afro today in front of TPLF's court drama after his attorney call for the dismissal of the case due to forged document provided by the prosecutor was rejected by cadre/judge  Lieul preparing the ground to send Teddy for long term jail at the end of this month.

Supporters of Teddy were crying and that is the least they can do. TPLF knows very well Ethiopians are not Somalis who can heat back. What a shame !! When are we going to say enough is enough and fight back ? No food OK !!, give our land OK !!, NO protest OK !!, beloved singers jailed, crying.

We have let down Teddy Afro because of fear. Let alone those in Ethiopia even the thousands who partied in D.C last week there was no anger and call for the immediate release of Teddy Afro and this is a coward generation  who has no love for truth and justice.

It is sad we the diaspora abandoned Teddy Afro and allow TPLF to get a free ride to finish its drama unchallenged. It is shame to call oneself today  an Ethiopian by abandoning Teddy who sang for Ethiopia more than any singer in TPLF's Ethiopia.

We are all useless, "Hulacnhenem Zero" quoting singer Shanbel . I pray for  God to give fellow Ethiopians a courage to stand for truth and face evil head on like the brave Somalis who are battling the TPLF mercenaries and soon will get their freedom.