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Saturday, 2 August 2008

OLF free from Isaias is good for Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Who does not want an independent Oromo organization? The answer is simple Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworki. After the fall of Derg they both courted OLF to do their dirty job in the name of Oromo people and start a Rwanda type massacre and failed to materialize because ordinary Oromos do not have an enemy called Amhara.

The honeymoon between OLF and Meles lasted only two years and OLF refused to be a toy for TPLF. Oromos and OLF have paid a heavy price for that and none other than TPLF's prison are a proof for that. Young and elderly Oromos are now languishing in jail accused of OLF members and symphathtizers.

Eritrea's strong leader Isaias who has ambition to be the ruler of Horn of Africa also have great capital on OLF and Oromo people and could not bridge the gap between OLF and TPLF before himself went to war with TPLF in 1998. Since then he is hosting many exiled Oromos and giving support for OLF like currently is doing for Somalis' ICU.

Meles is now accusing OLF as a tool of Isaias his archenemy and condemn any one associated with it to be jailed. We remember the dichotomy of "Isat/fire" and 'Weha/water" Isaias was accused, mixing and sending Oromos and those Meles characterize as the enemy of Oromos to destabilize Ethiopia on his parliament speech.

The OLF current crisis within the leadership has to be seen from the strategic interest of Isaias and Melse. The number one loser is Isaias because his desire to control OLF at close range has backfired. The letter out from Asmara on July 31, 2008 looks like someone who is not familiar with  Oromo names. The names of some of the accused like "Leeco " will give us some clue who is behind this division of OLF at the leadership level. This is just repeating what Isaias did few months ago on the exiled leadership of Somalis' ICU dividing the movement and chasing those he did not like.

Another loser is of course Meles Zenawi because OLF freed itself from Isaias and can join hands with other Ethiopian oppositions and wage the struggle for free Ethiopia where one man/woman has one vote and no one is persecuted for coming from any ethnic group.

Both Isaias and Meles are not  friends of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and their strategic goal is to divide Oromo and Amhara and rule their different kingdom forever. Ethiopian oppositions should capitalize on the current new development within OLF and support the force within OLF that freed itself from Isaias and form a united front to challenge the conspiracy of Meles and Isaias who are accountable for foreign powers, West and Arabs.