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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Free from Isaias

Tedla Asfaw

I followed the discussion Addisvoice (AV) editor Ato Abebe Gelaw, Addisdimts host Ato Abebe Belew, Ethiopian Review Editor (ER) Ato Elias Kifle and  EMF editor Ato Kiflu had last Saturday on Addis Dimts Radio and I agreed with AV editor  analysis that rejects Isaias' role in playing as a "uniter of Ethiopia" claimed by Ato Elias Kifle.

The moment I saw the OLF leadership crisis posted on ER (July 31) I posted on Addis Voice Blog and other sites calling for an independent OLF from Isaias and Elias asked me to pull the piece because it is a wrong analysis.

I argued with him to post it on his site  for the public to debate and he informed me that this is not an issue for debate and I do really understand now from the discussion on (August 10) which is posted on which I recommend for all to listen that Ato Elias Kifle indeed believes that Ethiopians freedom is only to come through Isaias of Eritrea.

I do believe like the three of you in the discussion that tyranny in Asmara is not capable to bring stable and united Ethiopia claimed by Elias Kifle