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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Russian Style of Article 39

Tedla Asfaw

You do not need  article 39 of the so called constitution of TPLF to give power to the "oppressed nationalities", what you need is muscle. While the Western leaders like Bush trapped in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on lucky 8,8,08 Russia hit a jack pot and conquered South Ossetia of Georgia by rolling tanks.

The article 39 of Ethiopian constitution applied on international level, what a surprise ? We remembered the bombing of Kosovo by Clinton. Clinton ejected Serbian forces out of Kosovo by devastating bombardment and this country recently recognized as an independent nation by West and Russia refused to recognize it.

Here is the similarity what Clinton did ten years ago and what Russia did in the cover of Olympic distraction at the beginning of this month. Russia did not send planes rather  tanks and "liberate" the South Ossetia ethnic Russians similar to the Clinton "liberation" of Albanians in Kosovo.

Russia is flexing its  muscles and we are now in the era of new nations to be liberated by force of arms like Kosovo recognized by West and new nations like South Ossetia and Abkazia recognized by Russia  as an independent nations.

We have in our neighborhood a Somaliland which declared its independence in early 1990 and no one has recognized its independence, however, life goes on and even much better than neighboring so called independent countries.

The  TPLF of Ethiopia is blackmailing Ethiopians by  threatening the so called article 39 to use it when  their hold on power is threatened.The  fact of the matter is that  you do not need article 39. What you need is brute force, home or imported and  declare yourself independent and if you are lucky like Kosovo you will be supported by West or with the help of neighbor like Russia which has the economic and military muscle to grant you and protect your Independence.

The problem on East Africa is we have no one independent dominant military or economic power. The power in the Horns are serving the interest of western countries and China and there will not be easy break up like we witnessed in the Independence of Eritrea. "Independent Tigray, Ogaden, Oromia" which is the final goal of Meles similar to Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will bring more death and destruction for our region.

If Somali Land has been the neighbor of Russia it could have been easily recognized as an independent nation with full economic and military protection. Do not forget, Eritrea's recognition as an independent nation comes through USA help via Meles Zenawi, otherwise it could have been another Somaliland.