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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

First Lady/Tagaye Azeb Mesfin

Tedla Asfaw

First Lady of Ethiopia or as she liked to be called Comrade/Tagaye Azeb Mesfin's  interview with Ben of on August 18 covered a lot of issues and briefly at the end of her interview she was asked if there is any hunger especially affecting children and to a surprise of all of us the answer is come and see it yourself rather than being influenced by irresponsible medias.

Tagaye Azeb is busy now as a President of Organization of African First Ladies Against Aids (OAFLA) and has no time to travel in the drought affected areas and the news that is regularly covered widely by VOA and other foreign medias for her is not  reliable news. The sad thing is that she does not want to admit the starvation and the growing number of beggars on the street in Addis all foreigners including our own "tourists" from the diaspora recognize the moment they arrive in Ethiopia.

This is pure denial Tagay Azeb and it will not go away even if you wished it. There is no accountability in Ethiopia at any level be it in politics, social and economic. You said there is an infrastructure to fight starvation and where was the alert for the famine of TPLF/EPRDF? What is wrong for the journalists to show the famine crisis unfolding and ask for international help?

The main accomplishment according to  you and other comrades/Tagayoche is making Ethiopia a land where we can speak and write what  we want and this assertion was supported by personal experience of the host Ben. He saw individuals condemning EPRDF without any repercussions on his short visit to Ethiopia and compare it to the pas, Deg time ,he said  that you need to drink alcohol/Teje to do so.

Thanks to the  "democracy" of Tagaye Azeb and Ben of Ethiopiafirst you can write and talk whatever you want with or without drink. Such rights are the first in Ethiopian history and in fact the empowering of our people by election was historical and the win by the opposition   and accepting of defeat in addis Ababa by  TPLF/EPRDF in the May 2005 election is a major accomplishment that Tagaye Azeb will be proud of.

Tagaye Azeb is representing the Wolkait/Humera area in the parliament and she should have informed us what she accomplished for the people. I heard her talking about foreign investment and supportive of those who are coming from our neighbors like Djibouti and wisely avoided the western neighbor Sudan where she spent good times of her life.

How comes you did not say a word about Humera, Welakit 's land and the current people uprising to defend it from Sudan "Investors" ? This talk of investment by foreigners becomes big after we all united against TPLF/EPRDF including some of your supporters and denounce the land your  husband sold to Sudan.

Let us not mix investment with out right sale of Ethiopian land and as a representative of the region you will be asked for it and thanks to your democracy no debate was carried out on the parliament  even if it the outcome is known fearing the Gonder  people resistance and unmasking the true face of TPLF before it accomplishes the dismemberment of Ethiopia beyond repair.

Is this the way to empower people Tagaye Azeb ? I do not believe so, one thing I like about you, however, you do like Bob Marley songs like "No woman No cry", "We should get up stand up and fight for your right". Ethiopian women are still crying and our people say no to  TPLF and we will keep on fighting until the Ethiopian people get its right. Finally would you please Tagaye Azeb release our Reggae star Teddy Afro for the love of Reggie music ? "Lambadina" is my favorite and please forgive him for some of his songs that irritates you.