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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Keneneisa Ambessa, Sileshi Neber

Tedla Asfaw

Let Teddy Afro's "Kenenisa Ambessa" be on Ethiopian's air back home and here in the Diaspora. Sunday's night in Beijing brought the world an African domination from one to seven all Africans in 10,000mt, Kenenisa with a new Olympic record.

Kenenisa/Kenu and Sileshi come out one and two followed by two kenyans and our father/Haile following in distance as expected.

Here we go let the flag fly high in Beijing and more to come in 1500, 3000 and marathon and let us all sing Kenneisa Ambessa what a Sunday.

                                      Kenenisa Ambessa

                                       Sileshi Neber

                                       Haile Abatachene

                           Ye Ethiopia Ligoche Yebarkacheue !!!