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Saturday, 23 August 2008

King Kenenisa of Ethiopia answered to Queen Tirunesh of Ethiopia's letter

Tedla Asfaw

King Kenenisa/Kenu answered to the letter of  Queen Tiruye tonight in Beijing and became the first man to win both 5,00m and 10,000m by setting new Olympic record of 12:57.82 and I call this the miracle of Beijing.
Ethiopia is now on the top of the Bird's Nest two night in a row and we will finish it with win in marathon and the whole Africa should celebrate Ethiopia's win and declare this week an Ethiopian week.

The land of Abebe Bikila, Mamoe Wolde,Miruts Yefter, Fatuma Roba, Gezehane Abera, Deraretu Tulu and Haile Gebre Selasse is now on the hands of Tiruye and Kenu and I have no doubt that this amazing victory will bring many Ethiopians to follow the path of Tiruye and Kenu.

Let the celebration begins even if our beloved singer, Teddy Afro,  is in jail and let us write poems and sing. The Birds Nest which was cracked in Friday night brought Tiruye to flay in Beijing sky to deliver a letter to King Kenu to follow her and not only followed her tonight but he also carried the whole Bird's Nest in his shoulder to Ethiopia for celebration.

The first woman to win 5,000m and 10,000m in Olympics and the first man to win 5,000m and 10,000m with new Olympic record are Ethiopian heroes and the whole Africa should be proud of them.

Ethiopians should honor them also by naming their new born Tirunesh/Tiruye, Kenenisa/Kenu . What a night in Beijing !!!