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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Freedom for Teddy Afro !!

Tedla Asfaw

We missed you Teddy Afro !! When each day passes without hearing your voice  isolated in filthy prison watched by armed thugs our
 heart is bleeding but never stopped  supporting you. What did our athletes feel when they returned home with victory and missing Teddy's voice which has been an inspiration for all of them ??

What did Tirunesh/Tiruye felt when there is no Teddy's song  of the  equivalent of "Kineneisa Anbessa", the song of Teddy for  Athens Olympics heroes. No doubt, Tiruye's victory of capturing two golds as the first woman in the 5,000m and 10,000m in Beijing would have brought  the best of Teddy.

I am sure "Kenenisa Anbessa" was from start to finish on Kenenisa/Kenu's mind when he ran the 5,000m and set the new Olympic record. For the 10,000m it was the same script of  Teddy's song for Athens Olympics.

Olympics is over now and we have not stopped calling for Teddy's immediate and unconditional release since he was detained. The whole world knows by now that Teddy Afro is a prisoner of conscience  and those who hold him are accountable for his safety. We are now to gather once again this coming Friday, August 29 in front of TPLF's Embassy to show our support and love for Teddy Afro.

We know that there are thousands of political prisoners jailed in Ethiopia for many years some since TPLF came to power seventeen years ago, the likes of Abera Yemane. However, Teddy is not a politician and his only "crime" is to live in his own country and sing for love and unity. In Ethiopia we have many who called themselves politicians who are also paid by the regime for their service  and Teddy is peoples man and can not be paid by TPLF that is his crime. He is an artist who got love from  poor to rich from weak to powerful and his incarceration destroyed the hopes of millions of Ethiopians and there is a buried anger back home and those far from home will not stop supporting him until he comes out free.

Supporting Teddy Afro for many of us is supporting a family  member who needs helping hand. The Washington D.C. area Ethiopians Know what Teddy means to Ethiopia and Ethiopians and will come out in thousands to support him. Moreover, Teddy is Ethiopian young star equivalent to  Haile, Kenenisa, Tiruye and many of our athletes who put Ethiopians flag high in international stage.

We are proud of our Olympic heroes and  proud too of Teddy Afro for his musics and for being voice for the voiceless and let us come in thousands this Friday and call for his immediate unconditional release..