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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Dr. Kinfe's frustration is understandable

Tedla Asfaw

Dr. Kinfe on the VOA Amharic(Oct.7) lashed out on tho ongoing boycott of TPLF and he purposely brought the Ethiopian Airlines which is currently not included on the boycott as an attempt to destroy Ethiopian asset and symbol by very few "unsophisticated" individuals.

The boycott of Ethiopian made fresh Injera however is something he will agree for humanitarian purpose and the telephone card is beyond boycott for him. His argument  that such actions are only symbolical and will not at all make difference was refuted by Ato Mirchaw Sinishaw with facts.

Moreover,  the anger and frustration of Dr. Kinfe  seems to suggest that TPLF and their supporters like him are worried that this is beyond symbolism and help our struggle by targeting  TPLF as the number one enemy of Ethiopia that has to be removed by all means including total boycott.

We also know that foreign aid from West is going to reduce substantially because of international financial crisis and whatever foreign currency the regime in power is denied is a big plus.

                                                                               No Business with TPLF !!!!