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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Protest Rally in D.C.

There will be a protest in front of the States Department in Washington D.C.  Friday, October 24 at 9AM. The organizers expected each and one  of us who strongly believe in expressing our feeling on what is going on in  Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden for the last two years to come by disregarding all distractions.

Meles Zenawi  war  machinery that is defeated in Somalia is surely to take its revenge again on Ethiopian Somalis as it has already done in the last two years following the ONLF attack on Chinese Oil Company.

Ogaden has not been the same since then, I personally characterize it as our "Darfur" . We Ethiopians have been quiet and TPLF thought that as endorsement and it is not late to challenge this wrong assumption and say NO !!! to killing of  Ethiopian Somalis in the name of fighting secessionists.

Let us stand with Ethiopian Somalis in this difficult time and held Meles Zenawi accountable similar to Beshir for its atrocity in Darfur.Let us call for international community to bring Meles to International Court for his crimes in Ogaden.


                                                                                       Silence is not an option !!!

                                                                                    Tedla Asfaw