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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eyewitness account of the killing in Gambella

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Umet Uman  an Ethiopian from Gambella who has  been living in exile for the last four years  eyewitness account of the genocide that took place in Gambella in 2002-2003 is chilling. We all remember forced by the wide coverage of the  killing  Meles  established his own "independent commission" and we all know the  cover up very well.

Ato Umet Uman who served TPLF for thirteen years at various positions on Ginbot 7 Radio October 4 part one interview  vividly described the sexual assault of teens in front of their families by TPLF militia and is indeed very troubling to hear that as a parent.

The TPLF officials he mentioned  Dr. Gebreabe, Bernabas and the then president of Gambella were all behind these atrocities and are still serving TPLF at various positions even traveling freely to the west to "educate us" on the development going on in Gambella and other regions of Ethiopia.

TPLF atrocities on Annuak people was well exposed by Ato Obang Meto and the 2002-2003 massacre on other Gambella people was also well documented and similar atrocities were carried in Awasa, Harar, in many Oromo regions and recently on Wolkaite/Armachowe Gonder people and the defenseless Gambella region  ethnic cleansing is underway by the  collaboration of TPLF and Sudan's militia of  Beshir and South Sudan. The recent disclosure of weapons hijacked by Somali gun men on the Somali coast destined to South Sudan is very troubling if it is true. 

We have to just look across our Eastern boundary in Somalia to learn a timely lesson. If Somalis can do it we can do it too. Well armed enemy can not win that was proved more than   seventy years ago by our gallant fighters breaking the backbone of fascist Italy. TPLF's fascism fate is similar if we act together soon.