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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We say No to contract signing with unelected regime in Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

I read a news on Ethiopian web site,, posted on (Oct. 22) that Calvalley Petroleum from Canada  is reaching a production sharing contract with unelected regime of Ethiopia at a time more than ten millions of our people are starving and international organizations are calling for more aid to save lives. The greed of Western and recently Chinese companies to sign a deal with unelected tyrants is not new what is new that people said no to such deal and the recent experience of Chinese Oil company in Eastern Ethiopia, Ogaden was not taken as a lesson by company like Calvalley Petroleum.

No oil company is welcome in any parts of Ethiopia at this time. Poor and starving Ethiopia succeeded in bringing few millionaires in the  last eighteen years out of  the ruling TPLF who stashed millions of dollars in foreign accounts and we do not want to give our natural resources to put them in the class of billionaires.

We would like to remind Calvalley Petroleum that Ethiopians in the Diaspora have already started boycotting any businesses related to the ruling  TPLF mafia and this boycott might include companies like Calvalley Petroleum that is  doing business with killers and human right abusers.

We know what greed had done to the world economy by now and we advise Calvalley Petroleum to reconsider the signing of the deal with unelected regime in Ethiopia  and if not we we Ethiopians will come to its  head quarter to tell the stock holders that Calvalley Petroleum stinks.