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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Divisive Fund Raising in the name of Tigray

Tedla Asfaw

For those of us who followed Addis Dimits Radio last Sunday ( Oct 12) we heard the noise in Sheraton Addis by those who claimed to raise money for the development of Tigray. Were those who pledged millions of Birr to build schools in Tigray contribute money also to the millions who are now starving in all parts of Ethiopia including Tigray?

The language we heard in the name of fund raising was rather divisive and no Ethiopian is against school development in Tigray but when it is accompanied by wild partying and boisterous and divisive noise it shows that its intention was not to help build school in Tigray.

The intention was to seed division between Tigrayans and others. Regional development including school construction by people of the region is not new what new is the divisive political cover it was given by TPLF supporters.

Mind you when the people of Tigray was in danger in the Badme war in the 1980s many of those who were making noise in Sheraton did not go to the war front to defend the people. It was the sons of Ethiopia from all regions who went in thousands and sacrificed heavily about 70,000 of them never returned to their families.

Did the fund raisers remember those Ethiopian children on their festivity ? Did they try to honor them by raising fund to help the community that gave their young to defend Tigray from Isaias' war machine ?

The boisterous crowd in Sheraton were none other than TPLF die hard supporters who were partying by the stolen Ethiopian money in order to paint the image of TPLF as Tigray builder that deserves life support.

We have witnessed such divisive projects going on for the last eighteen years in the name of Tigray people and the attempt to tell us openly in our face to seed more suspicion and hate is out of desperation by the very few racists.