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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Call for Defiance !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The so called  spineless oppositions are begging TPLF  to participate on the coming election theater on the summer of 2010. They are now forming  two groups one led by Medrek and the other by Ayele's Kinijit and its subsidiaries to  win the heart and mind of TPLF. Ayele claims everything is OK in Ethiopia and what we have to do is just to show up on the election day well behaved and dressed and the other group calls for the stage set up to be changed to attract poor Ethiopians for the  coming coronation of Meles Zenawi as the unchallenged ruler of Ethiopia until death.

Some here from the diaspora also jump to this theater. One  new group called Ethiopian Democratic Hibrehizb Unity Movement (EDHUM) is suggesting  on its sixteen page "election manifesto" that participating on the coming election is a  must for our people because the alternative is death.

EDHUM argues that the farmers will lose their land if they are not registered to vote so do the government employees. Forget about going to higher education or to travel aboard all will depend on showing your election registration card. Overall it said if you do not vote you are dead.

While the so called oppositions to TPLF are asking what is good for them EDHUM is warning us what will happen to the masses if they do not come out and vote. TPLF cares for the turnout because it wants to show to the wold that this is another miracle like the double digit economic growth.

Those of us who see this whole as a circus  should come out and foil this circus by mobilizing the masses in the known gathering places like churches, mosques and schools. We have to tell people that the only way to get freedom is by sacrifice and it is time to reject TPLF and its all collaborators by saying NO !!  to the make believe election of summer 2010.

The fake oppositions and organization like EDHUM are only worried for their own survival not about the well being of the masses whose lives are getting worst day by day for the  last two decades. Had our parents followed cowardice advice and accept the mighty Italy seventy years ago  we all could have spoken Italian by now.

Yes an organized resistance is very important and let us use the modern technology to our advantage  and reach to our people to say no to Meles Zenawi and his collaborators. The dark city of Addis Ababa besides exposing our people for hardships have also given us opportunity to shout death to TPLF and its collaborators.  Does TPLF see in our dark neighborhood too ?