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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Millionaires were born out of Ethiopia's famine !!!

Tedla Asfaw

Ato Gebre Medin Araya's, " Tigray Betelate Eje Mewdekena  Yasketelew Mezez"  part one and two, fourteen pages in Amharic is a timely piece on this  25th anniversary of the famine in our country Ethiopia. Sadly, another  famine is unfolding at this very moment and those who want to make money out of it are well organized as usual. "Sewe Berasu Sanba Endayetefense Newe" interview of Ato  Asgede who wrote two books recently about TPLF and was  one  of the eleven founders of TPLF  also exposed what he knows about the current situation in Tigrai, famine and politics.

Ato Asgede on his  recent interview with Reporter identified many places in Tigrai  that has been exposed to drought. However, the regions suffering from drought in Ethiopia currently, BBC and other foreign medias showed Tigrai as non drought area. This is not a surprise and deliberately a misinformation campaign by TPLF. These foreign medias got their information from the regime in power and take it without checking other resources.

This false information is purposely designed to misinform the Ethiopian people as Tigrai Region/Kilil as beneficiary of the development plan on Tigrai for the last nineteen years. The propaganda of other regions in Ethiopia  to learn from Tigrai was deliberately orchestrated to isolate the people of Tigrai from other Ethiopians.

Ato Gebremedhin  on his educating piece , I recommend all to read, exposed how TPLF benefited from the famine of 1984 to build its money empire which later  culminated as EFFORT. The one hundred million dollar handed over to Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega by Bob Gildoff, the organizer of live aid,  in Sudan  needs further investigation. It is a big robbery unknown for many of us especially to those who donated their money after they saw the heartbreaking video of a child seating on his dead mother body.

The one hundred million dollar is now on Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega's  foreign account according to Ato Gebremedhin and we have the right to ask  Bob Geldof what he knows. We know  this money had not reached to the dying and starving people on whose name the money was collected.

The tons of food shipped to  Sudan port had also  ended up  for sale in Middle East and somewhere else and  it will be very hard to track  what happened . However, by exposing such criminal activities of TPLF we can alert  foreign donors not to hand over their aid to be controlled by TPLF and its  Sudan collaborators. We know that Sudan port is the port chosen by TPLF to unload foods and other donated materials for the starving people this time.

Famine has been a gold mine for TPLF bosses. Their wealth back home and in foreign countries is at the expense of dead children  women and the elderly.  It is time to bring these  criminals to justice. There is no statue of limitations on such crime.