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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Agree to disagree !!

Tedla Asfaw

We should agree to disagree and refrain from unwarranted  attack  like the one on Tekle, Editor of ECADF, by Dr. Getachew Reda on his Oct. 27 piece posted on his website. Why Tekle's "admiration" of Shabia is an issue when our people is suffering in all corners while TPLF and Shabia soldiers facing each other peacefully, maybe admiring each other ?

TPLF and Shabia can love and hate each other, why should it be a problem for Tekle ?  Can we function and think free from these evil forces who brought us to the current mess we are in ? How can someone be an admirer of Shabia as Dr. Getachew Reda accused  Tekle at this time when the whole world knows who Isaias' Shabia is ?

I have known closely Tekle for the last two yeas and I haven't seen anything which suggest that he is someone to be equated with Abraha Yaye who showed up in Asmara in the Badme war a decade ago  and later on went to give support for TPLF after its defeat in 2005 election.

If Tekle supports Ginbot 7 that is his right and  if we do not accept individuals  freely associating themselves with organizations they choose , how is that going to help the creation of free and democratic Ethiopia ?  I do not see Ginbot7 as an enemy and that in no way make me an admirer of Shabia.

Young Ethiopians like Tekle should be encouraged to do what they have been doing out of love for their country. I do not see what economic benefit such people are getting sacrificing their time and resources. Unfair attack is not helpful at all. The one who are benefiting from such attack are only the anti-Ethiopia forces led by Shabia and TPLF.