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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Time to act !!!!

Dear Ye Hagere Lijoche,

I have been following  the conspiracy and the final deal to hand over our land to Sudan by Meles Zenawi and Beshir of Sudan. I followed few minutes ago Dr. Fisha Abebe on German Amharic today informing the Ethiopian people on the final plan of TPLF. As he said our people are given final warning by TPLF to give the land to Sudan settlers. How can the brave sons and daughters of Tewodros give their own to enemy and cry ? This is not our tradition and we have to find ways how to be with those braves who will never give their land no matter what. What is your immediate plan for this month ? One strong protest to remind Obama the future time bomb buried by Meles and TPLFwill help. Standing as always with our braves who will be fighting and shed their blood to keep the land that has been always Ethiopia's.



                                                                Tedla Asfaw