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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Medrek, the last hope of Kilil Politics in Ethiopia !!!

Tedla Asfaw

The TPLF known loyalists, Beyene Petros, Merara Gudina, Negasso Gidada and others  will never retire from political circus until their master Meles Zenawi is forced out of the political stage by peoples revolt or "Yegodan Newte". Well if you do not subscribe to kilil politics and force TPLF from  power, Ethiopia will brake apart like the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia according to the current chairman of Medrek, Dr. Merara Gudina.

The TPLF "kilil" is an arbitrary drawn line that has no legitimacy in the Ethiopians eye and we are not going to be scared by what will happen after the demise of TPLF and its servants. The real force behind Medrek, However,  is Gebru Asrat, Arena party leader who is preparing himself to be the first  Sovereign Tigray Republic leader after the "disintegration" of Ethiopia.

 So called  "prominent" individuals like Dr. Negasso Gidada and Seye Abraha are known Kilil politics defenders who failed from Meles' favor on personal agendas. They wanted to replace TPLF by Arena, EPRDF by Medrek. Professor Mesfin Woldemariam on VOA Amharic yesterday denounced few  UDJP members and leaders  like Giizachgew Sheferaw who is the vice president of Medrek  for abandoning their party principle of Unity, Democracy  and Justice to the Kilil lords of Gebru, Seye, Merara, Beyene, Bulcha etc.

There is no difference between the current tribal warlords and the one who are conspiring to replace it by using  poor Ethiopians "vote".  TPLF did not ask the support of Ethiopians to topple Mengistu Hailemariam and is right for not asking the peoples vote to stay on power. TPLF is expected to rule for many years as reward to its sacrifice. It has also been true that TPLF will not allow anyone or organization who has not endorsed the Kilil politics to come to power in a free and fair election.

The cry of "no level field" we heard from Dr. Negasso Gidada recently travelling to Dembidollo his birthplace by talking to few people is not about "no level field" it is about "no field". People are not allowed to speak, organize freely and those who are allowed to speak their opinion are only those who bought the philosophy of  Kilil.

Ethiopians in Dombidolo and other places what they demand is real freedom to choose their representatives and condemn all who have been conspiring with  TPLF for more than two decades including Negasso Gidadda who is now complaining about no level field that has been true for more than twenty years including his time as a President of Ethiopia. People over there might have told Negasso that he is part of the problem too.

The option our people have is to reject both TPLF/EPRDF and its clone Arena/Medrek. Let them organize their election circus paid by donor nations. We know the divide and rule of Kilil politics is on its last breath and it is up to us to deny them the remaining available Oxygen by saying no to Kilil Politics and rejecting their election circus this coming summer.