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Saturday, 17 November 2007

AFD Card is gone what is Next?

Tedla Asfaw
Melese Zenawi of Ethiopia had made it clear several times in his "parliament" that the Alliance for freedom and Democracy(AFD) according to him sponsored  and financed by Shabia,by  mixing "fire" and "water" is thrown to destabilize his regime from its development goals.
Melese Zenawi elaborated on AFD by calling founding members  and said that being an OLF, ONLF and Arbenga/EPPF or Kinijit is equivalent to treason and when I read a piece by Selamawit on (Nov. 16) that  Kinijit distance itself form AFD  it seems understandable but for the regime to throw this leaders back to jail the HR2003 card will be also played even if Kinijit visiting delegates denied the regime to play the AFD card.
Is AFD really to be distanced? Not for me because this alliance is peoples alliance that denied the regime the power to perpetuate conflicts and consider itself as a peace maker. That is the foundation of TPLF, a protector of Nationalities which it can manipulate to stay in power.
The Oromos, Amharas, Somalis and other Ethiopians overwhelmingly support the formation of the alliance and for that you can hear opinions on radios the only opponents of this alliance are  few  educated elites of some opposition parties like "Hibret" which still are not different than the TPLF elites when it comes to the right of Nationalities.
Thanks God AFD has never been an issue for the last two months while Kinijit visiting delegates were in North America,  the Hailu VS. Berhanu factions were debating minor party differences like who broke the party's rule not who was pro AFD or Anti-AFD.
Thanks to the Ethiopian Television Conference Kinijt delegates gave(Nov. 15) the question of AFD came for the first time and we are not surprised to hear Kinijit distancing itself from AFD. "We were not there when it was formed and we do not deal with armed groups like OLF and ONLF) unfortunately for the regime who wants to bring its opponents to jail that is not helpful. We did not forget the "genocide" charge against the Kinijit leadership and we have to wait what will be the new charge against the returning Kinijit delegates, the regime has lost its AFD card yesterday and most probably HR2003 is also risky.
The "wise leader",  Melese Zenawi wrote books about "Bonapartism" in the Badme war and throw the books on Ato Seye and others and I have no doubt that there is a ready "Book" which will appear soon to help TPLF throw Kinijit  leaders for long time jail.